Print Collection

The Print Collection, established in 1996, has been developed through acquisitions through exhibitions, Print Nights, subscription to the Print Council of Australia, donations and gifts. The main focus is on Australian Prints however international prints also feature in this steadily growing collection.

Each year the Print Council of Australia (PCA) commissions a group of selected artists who live and work in Australia to create an edition of prints for their Annual Print Commission Program. The Grafton Regional Gallery has been a member of the PCA since 1996 and acquires two prints each year.

There are prints from the South Australian Aboriginal Arts Centre, Ernabella, including three collaborative prints, one by Tjimpuna Williams, Tjunkaya Tapaya, & Renita Stanley, the second by Nyukana (Daisy) Baker and the third by Lionel Pantjiti and Ungakini Tjangala, Mapiya (Irpintiri) Davey, and Alison (Milyika) Carroll and prints by Dickie Minyintiri and Tjimpuna Williams.